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This is new to me, and I am not sure if you can get these in the US (but similar Timex watches in the US are available). These are Timex T-Series automatic mechanical watches. Pretty decent looking  mechanical watches from the brand known for quartz, quartz, and more quartz. Movements are 22 jewel automatics with a power reserve indicator and 24 hour hand. There is of course the time and the date. I believe the movements are Timex exclusives and have a 36 hour power reserve. The watches are in steel with sunburst decorated dials - in a few colors in addition to the black (such as white and blue dial colors). Along with the metal bracelet, there is a crocodile patterned black or brown leather strap.

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I am the first to admit that I am a fan of LUM-TEC - it is no secret. The newer American based watch company that just seems to hit the spot each time, with a satisfying watch offering each time. All LUM-TEC watches are limited editions and made in relatively in small quantities. If you follow the company's new developments you can most always get what you want, but by the time your friends see the watch, they might very well be out of luck trying to get one. For example, these new LUMzilla (which I will write out as "Lumzilla" because I feel like being lazy with the Shift key) watches come in just a handful of varieties, with just 100 models of each. In the scheme of watches at this price level, that is HIGHLY limited.

Gc (Guess Collection) is the Guess company's watch brand. Though when I look at the name I always think Gucci. Guess as a company has had better days, but I hope that they continue to invest in their watch brand as they have some... interesting stuff to say the least. For example, the Swiss quartz movement has a 12 hour chronograph that has been incorporated into two subdials. The minutes subdial also has a smaller subdial inside of it for the hours. It is not the clearest to read, but the functionality is still there. You don't see dials within dials on too many quartz watches. Neat that Gc chose to use this movement. It also have a big date complication. Gc placed a tachymeter scale on the side of the watch. You could technically use it, but no one is. For that reason it is just there to be cosmetic. Which is to be expected with... most every tachymeter scale (ever put on a watch, ever).

Previous contributor to Tom Mulraney posted a nice interview with MB&F's owner Max Busser. To be honest, most of the time I could care less about interviews with watch executives. It is a lot of "blowing smoke up their own asses." However, Max Busser is different, and the information provided in the interview is quite interesting if you care at all about the business side of the watch industry - especially when it comes to popular independents like MB&F (a brand that I cover pretty often).

Watches like this make a great argument for why you need to have more than one watch. How could a singular timepiece style match how you feel all the time? Unless that is, you just don't pay any attention to what you are wearing on your wrist. This Oris Chronoris watch is a perfect example of this fact. If I had one of these watches I would certainly find days when I couldn't look at it, and other days when all I would want is to wear it. How is that possible?

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With a very involved watchband, I love that Gucci kept the dial face simple. There are no hour or minute indicators, just the Gucci logo and hour/minute hands. This simplistic take on time does keep in line with the image of Gucci. And with the face of the watch blending in with the Marina links, you forget that you are looking at a timepiece. Which, at that point, shouldn't you just invest in one of their bracelets?

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What is so cool about the design is that it is not really a watch, but a bracelet - one that has a hidden display for the time. The concept was very cool and I am happy that it will be available for sale soon. There has been no date announced yet but it should be within the next few months. Prices will likely be 0 and under given its electronic quartz movement and Chinese construction. So neat to see exciting concepts come to life. Thanks again Japan (and 100%)!

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Rogue Warrior Red Cell Watch Review

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Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face! Watch Releases
Movado Museum Black Dial Black Leather Strap Ladies Watch 2100004
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Movado Master Collection Watches: Readable Museum Watch Face! Watch Releases
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Not that any of this wasn't enough to go out and plan how a series of murders will somehow land you the car, but Bugatti threw something inside for the watch lovers. I know the car isn't "beautiful" by Ferrari standards, but it still satisfies every cargasm and luxogasm need any of us may ever have.

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Ezteem is a new Swedish watchmaker (from 2005) and the model I review here (Lynx Aqua) is their current offering for divers and desk-divers alike. I was intrigued by the brand since I haven't handled a lot of Swedish watches before and Sweden is known for great design. So I expected a lot from them.

What is so incredible is how much they meet or beat European luxury watch standards. I am not suggesting that Seiko watches are better than Swiss or German watches in all ways, but rather that they are really one of the crowd. Going to the various high-end Seiko watch manufactures here in Japan, I am totally reminded of Europe. Of course these watch making plants have their own Japanese character, any watch maker from Europe would feel at home here, maybe even more comfortable.

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Of course before that is all after figuring out whether or not an application is right for a company. Not only are you going to invest time and money into an application, but you need to consider what you want it to do for you as a watch maker. Before doing anything, a company needs to invest in media professional media (fancy images and videos of their products), and compiling standardized specifications for their products. No company just needs an iPhone app because "everyone else is doing so." For many people, the iPhone app might be the "face" of a company" - so brands need to evaluate whether they have what it takes to make this face look good enough.

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I wrote about the new series of Perrelet Semi-Skeletonized Split-Seconds Chronograph watches on Haute Living. The interesting like obvious is skeletonized and is a rattrapante (split seconds chronograph). In doing so, Perrelet has given the line a very unique style and high value for the originality. Prices are between about ,000 - ,000. Read the full article on Haute Living here.

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Get Wristwatch Annual 2010

The dial is simply immaculate. To make room for the 24-hour-dial graduated inner bezel, B&R designers slightly reduced the size of the hour and minute graduations. A striking orange arrow indicates the hours of second timezone. "GMT" is painted in the same colour as the arrow for subtle contrast against the jet-black dial. Ever since the original limited edition BR Instruments - with orange numbers and hands - the company has been integrating subtle orange design elements on many of their models. You will notice orange hands or lettering in other models such as the Black and White BR-03 94, the BR-03 51 GMT, and the tonneau-shaped BR-02s.

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Once the Seiko Astron Quartz watch arrived, it was like a magnum bullet shot at the most sensitive spot of the mechanical watch industry. Switzerland was terrified. Depending on who you were at the time, this hailed in the era known as the "quartz revolution," or "quartz crisis." Revolution and crisis because it was the father of digital quartz watches that became so cheap to make that almost totally destroyed the luxury watch industry. Before the quartz watch - but still battery powered - was the electronic tuning fork regulated watch. Quartz was a lot better than the tuning fork watches. While mechanical watches averaged about 10-20 seconds a day, the Seiko Astron was accurate to within 5 seconds a month. You can tel that the Astron was not some nerdy tech watch. Again, it was conservatively styled and in 18k gold. A luxury watch by standards of the past and of today.