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One day, I found an old Gruen up there. It turned out it was my grandfather's, a gift from his dad when in high school. So I took it back to LA and had it restored as a gift for their fiftieth anniversary.

Perhaps the most important element which indicates that the Apple Watch is truly a "watch" is how it fits and is used on the wrist. The experience of wearing the Apple Watch is as good or better than most high-end timepieces, and operating the Apple Watch is very similar to how people might use their traditional timepieces. This is especially true when you compare it to early smarwatches that focused on button-based menus.

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Of course, the "Flexible Retina Display" screen on the Apple Watch works as a touchscreen as well, and it is meant to be swiped and more than likely used with multi-touch input (more than one finger) – although when we say flexible, we mean that it can be tapped or pressed with less or more force and it will sense the difference, but it is not flexible in the more traditional sense of the term.

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With that, we should correct a common misbelief, and point out that the Zenith El Primero Synopsis is not the first El Primero without a chronograph function – it was the Espada from two years ago which first pulled off this feat. Where the Synopsis stands out however, is that it offers a much more refined movement, which finally hacks (the Espada did not), and incorporates silicon parts in its construction.

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The Junghans Max Bill design has stayed true to its origins, and has luminescent dots at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock and a double dot at 12 o'clock, ensuring that the pure dial is easily legible in the dark. The two automatic Junghans Max Bill models are offered in either a slate-grey dial and beige-colored calfskin strap combination, or in what Junghans calls jet black. Junghans also offers Junghans Max Bill watches in quartz, and has had a lot of success with the quartz-powered Junghans Max Bill ladies watches. Based on that success, they're launching a men's model called the Junghans Max Bill Quarz. The quartz watches will be available with dials in white, matte silver-plate, or a dark dial with sunray cut.

While watch brands may have "fashion on their minds" when contemplating marketing decisions, they also like to preach the value of heritage and timelessness. These qualities, in many instances, are mutually exclusive from the idea that something is meant to be worn on a temporary basis only. Luxury watches also differ from fashion because different mentalities are at work when appreciating the desirability of the items. The guy who is interested in watch movements and car engines, isn't likely to be the same demographic that watches runway shows and is interested in the style section of the newspaper or websites.

Once all the teams had submitted their project, it was time to present, and with so many participants and teams, they were each given 2 minutes to discuss the app's usefulness, and then run a demonstration of the application. The three judges used the following criteria to rank all the applications: how innovative it was, and how fitting the overall design would be for the Apple Watch.

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When I first met Kevin, he was wearing a watch that has become particularly popular for those transcending the line of being a lover of mainstream luxury watch brands to the more exclusive realm of the independent watch maker. The entry point into F.P. Journe is the wonderfully simple and beautifully blue-dialed Chronometre Bleu. Mr. Journe, of course, couldn't produce just a basic watch for his entry-level piece, so he decided to make the three-hand Chronometre Bleu with a tantalum case (that looks a lot like tungsten) and unique metallic blue dial. The movement is, of course, in gold and remarkably attractive. You won't see Kevin Rose wearing an 18k rose gold Rolex or a diamond-decorated Chopard. That isn't his style, neither is it the type of so many of today's most important emerging watch collectors. For Rose, watch collecting seems to be all about discovering timeless beauty in items of strong inherent value that tantalize his love of things that work well.

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Richard Mille RM63-01 Dizzy Hands Watch Hands-On

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Bulova is currently owned by Citizen and began their collaboration with the Japanese back in the late 1970s and early 1980s. At that time, Bulova was at the end of its watch industry dominance, thanks to the quartz crisis. Until then, Bulova was not only the timepiece owned by so many American soldiers, but also considered to be like the Cadillac of American timepieces. The Bulova of today is leveraging their wide distribution and production strength with their history to re-frame the personality of the brand. This wouldn't be possible without the determination of their President Greg Thumm (who I interviewed in a video series here).

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ABTW: That is quite a life-changing event, and certainly puts a lot of sentimental value on the Ebel. I assume this is a watch you still have?

As we discussed in a recent article dedicated to TAG Heuer's future company direction, Jean-Claude Biver (former CEO of Hublot) now oversees the watch making division of LVMH, and hence his vision applies, not just to Hublot, but rather, to all watch brands within the massive French luxury conglomerate. One of Biver's major decisions is re-focusing TAG Heuer's brand positioning, in terms of their average price point. As such, TAG Heuer moving forward is said to lower their watches' average price point to about €1,000 - €4,000 (,300 to ,000). This comes after pretty good attempts by the brand to cover the ,000 - ,000 watch range, and more recently, the ,000 - ,000 watch price range.

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TAG Heuer's New High-Tech Manufacture In Chevenez Is Also Affected By The Job Cuts

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Finally, the lume is also excellent, with plenty of material used on the hands and the markers (see video for live shot). While I did not get the opportunity to take the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Blue diving, I have no doubt that the legibility and lume would be up to the task, even if the bezel might be tricky to operate with the 5mm gloves that are required in my local waters.

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While I like to cover some of the world's most exclusive and interesting timepieces, it would be unconscionable in my opinion to only cover those watches, as only a small percentage of watch lovers can afford them or have access to them. Brands like Bulova are what help keep cool watches on the wrists of most people who like to own a decent watch and who like to explore the most interesting side of horology. We all get off reading about the newest wild watch from Switzerland, but we also need to have quality timepieces that will satisfy our appetites and not require us to mortgage our homes in order to buy them.

Hopefully, you have already considered the movement's width/diameter when the initial design phase was going on. Generally, the movement can be smaller than the dial but not larger (unless your case will 'hide' this extra width which implies a wider bezel and correspondingly thinner case walls). These days, watches have grown in diameter faster than movement designs, so movements are often smaller than dials, and movement rings are not uncommon.

Bracelet: Black alligator strap with 18kt white gold 3 blade folding buckle

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It is January, the beginning of a new year, and that can only mean one thing for us watch enthusiasts: SIHH! It is hard to find an overarching theme for this year’s show, but there seems to be something for everybody. There are lots of new high-end watches, such as the A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Minute Repeater and the Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication. But there are also an equal number of more affordable pieces, especially from Montblanc, such as the Meisterstuck Heritage Chronometrie and Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum. Join us as we take a look at some of the interesting pieces that debuted at this year’s SIHH.

The ARM09-S movement has a full 8 days of power reserve. It operates on the steadier side at 18,000 bph which allows for efficient use of power. The construction of the movement is also rather efficient, as it is produced from just 146 components. One of my favorite things to do with the caliber ARM09-0S watch is, simply, to wind it. The mainspring barrels turn with another gear running against them in the opposite direction, creating an enhanced sense of movement. It is beautiful to look at, even for people who know nothing about mechanical watches.