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The obvious watch to compare this Seiko Spacewalk watch to is the Omega Speedmaster Professional Moon Watch. The Seiko has a ton of advantages in my opinion. Sapphire crystal, much more accurate movement that is also an automatic (Spring Drive is basically a mechanical movement but it has a quartz regulator as opposed to a balance wheel), GMT second timezone hand, power reserve indicator, date (!), and probably much better lume. Not to mention that it weighs less. The pushers are massive and placed at the top of the case so that you can press them with gloves, while the crown is easy to turn, and also on the top. The dial is not only easy to read, but very cool looking (neat blue glowing GMT hand).

This watch is a self-admitted combination of luxury watch making and the "art" of graffiti from watch maker Pierre DeRoche. What is charming is that the Swiss watch maker sought out a Swiss based graffiti artist - who'd a thought right? The artist they worked with is Sigi “Dare” von Koeding, who takes graffiti art and makes it into fine art. I like his work, but think that it might be hard for lots of people to take it too seriously depending on the role that graffiti has played in their life. I for one being born and raised in Los Angeles have a perception that while graffiti is a cool art form, it has a strong association with vandalism - which is true when you think about how it all started. You should check out the link to his site (click his name above) for views of his work.

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Basic screws are inserted into the IP black bezel. The bezel could have been finished a tiny bit better, but is totally still good looking and solid feeling. I would have liked for the bezel to be PVD as opposed to IP (ion plated), but it is not a big deal. Plus, it would have been interesting for Mondaine to use hex screws or otherwise, but the look is still really nice with most everyone liking the look. The deep black bezel matches the hands and hour indicators of the watch well. The thick steel case (about 42-43mm wide) is of the best I've felt from Mondaine. It is a newer look for them, and I think their designers are enjoying the more masculine styling. The watch also fits very comfortably and securely on your wrist as the lugs are angled downwards. The case is also done in a brushed finish all around that gives it a nice utility look and helps with Mondaine's modern design feel. Adding a splash of color to the case along with the black bezel is rich red inlay in the crown that reveals a handsome "M" for Mondaine in Steel. The case has a screw down caseback as is water resistant to 100 meters, even without a screw-down crown.

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Look at the sapphire crystal, and you'll see that it is meant to emulate the raised and rounded look of an acrylic crystal, but it is in fact sapphire. You then have the chronograph pushers that are just like those seen on models from the 1940's - though very useful still. There is also the size of the watch that is 41mm wide. This might actually seem quite medium by today's standards, but is a good size for those many people who rightfully worry about watches that are too big looking on their wrist.

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First, the MT-G watches in the G-Shock line have always been close to the top in terms of quality and durability. They are really only topped by lines such as the MR-G, that have cases done in DLC. The watch has a number of "hidden features" that aren't so much functions, but make the watch that much less something you need to worry about. It gives me the opportunity as well to discuss again the Casio "Tough Movement" (on the watch as "Tough MVT"). These can be found in some newer analog Casio watches. The point of them is to be self correcting when the watch experiences shock. A small LED light checks the calibrations of the hands each hour to make sure they are perfect. If they are not, the movement realigns itself - brilliant. No more misaligned hands, something that drives me nuts. ALL high-end quartz movements need this! Plus, the hands are all cut from lightweight aluminum. The case itself highly shock resistant as well. With a metal cage for the movement and a shock absorbing bezel.

Most all of his watches are good to own. You might like some more than others, but here is a nicely designed good value timepiece that reminds me of a more refined Montblanc timepiece. Funny how both Martin Braun and Montblanc are often appreciated to "MB." This is the steel and black version of the Brand Chrono watch.  It is 42mm wide and has a Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement in it. I love the vertical column engraving on the side of the case - always a classy touch. You also have the Breguet style numerals on the dial as well as circular engraving in the middle of the dial. You can't see it in the images here, but the back of the watch has an sapphire exhibition caseback.

Screw up on the presentation of an iPhone app and you've damaged the brand - maybe for good. If the application isn't really nice, then ditch the entire project. No app is better than a crappy app. No brand can afford that type of negative perception. The value of a good application is on various levels. A well executed system will pay-off by having a positive association by the user with the brand. Everything goes back to the watches. If the company can make a good iPhone app, the perception is that they can make a good watch as well. It is really that simple.

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Anyone in the US knows the power of the Lexus brand these days. Shift your attention to me sitting here in a hotel room in northern Japan. I am in the midst of my invitational pilgrimage to Seiko, as I begin what will be a great many articles over the rest of my watch reporting career. I sit here with having a profoundly new perception of Seiko, a more accurate vision of the entire manufacture. If there is one thing that Seiko hasn’t been able to achieve yet is mass communication of how good they are. I say it here now, European watch companies, fear the Japanese.

Mondaine has a  truly dizzying array of watches. So many to choose from. Good news is that they have a relatively useful watch finder on their website that you can check out here. I really dig the Sports II collection of watches. Just great looking timepieces, and they have textured dials with tritium gas tubes in the hands. They also have some automatic versions of their watches, and the ladies' timepieces are pretty nice as well. You can tell that the last two images are of women's watches.

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Patek Philippe Aquanaut

In addition to having a thinner profile, the watch has more metal on it that the PAW-1500. The bezel has some polished and textured metal, which makes for a nice look. We aren't talking about thick high-grade steel, but it does make for a better look. There are actually going to be two versions of this new Pathfinder PAW-2000 watch, there will be the PAW-2000-1, and the PAW-2000-7. They will have a resin strap or titanium bracelet respectively. My PAW-1500 has the titanium bracelet which is great, but each will work nicely. Casio Pathfinder PAW-2000 Watch Is Coming Watch Releases

This is another cool DLC coated watch. It is one of their diver watches and is the Ball Engineer Master II Diver GMT watch. The dial is black with gold tones  - and lots of gas tubes! There is a large internal rotating bezel and the central dial is for the GMT hand. The case is 42mm wide and comfortable on your wrist with the textured rubber strap. If you don't like the gold face, there is also a white on black version available. A true diver with 300 meters of water resistance and again an automatic movement. Price for this new model is about ,500.

Each of these three features is done is a different way adding a sense of variety to the dial. The case is nicely done set deep into the case with an attractive metal lined date window. Best of all is that the date disc is black to match the dial color. The little metal ring in the "porthole" is a nice touch making the date window look less like a gaping whole in the dial, and more like something that is supposed to be there. The only thing that Perrelet could have done to improve this was at a reserve magnifier lens on the rear of the crystal to help make reading the date easier. Opposite the date window is the day dial. It is very straight forward and simply - almost too simple. The small polished steel hand is clear, but feels like it should do something like underline the correct day. Again this could be just speculation, and Perrelet tired this with the present dial being the optimal day dial presentation. Lastly you have the Power reserve indicator that adds the splash of red color to the dial. You'll find that most luxury dressy watch have some hint of a third color on their dials to make them more interesting, red is a typical choice and "works as advertised" to spruce up dial designs. One of the nice things about a cushion shaped case versus as tonneau case is that you can have hands that are never too short. The hands here are the right length for this style watch and exhibit one addition feature that is pretty hard to find these days. Like classic watches, both the minute and seconds hand are bend down a bit toward the dial at the tips. This helps when reading the watch at angles as it more precisely shows you where the hands are falling on the dial. Like I said, this is a rare feature to find in today's watch and I really like that Perrelet included them in the watch. Many of these minor details that I have been pointing out are certainly indicative of one major thing: that Perrelet has watches designed by actual watch makers who are familiar with the basic principles of making a watch. Honestly, this is not always easy to come by.

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aBlogtoRead.com is giving away one of the pictured watches pictured above, it is known as the Swatch Automatic Chrono "Simply Pure." It is about 45mm wide, has a sapphire crystal, stylish, and comes on the black rubber strap. I will be reviewing a different version of the new Swatch Automatic Chrono watches here soon. Retail price for this watch is 0, higher than most Swatch watches you are used to, but this is a different watch all together! Though you still get the innovative inviting styling that you come to expert from the iconically Swiss brand. Learn more about the line or get one at Swatch here.

The watch is also very light. The resin strap connected to the steel and plastic case made it feel as though it were filled with air. The more substantial looking titanium version probably weight a bit more, but not by much. You can see how the case curves one the sides. While the back is flat, these curves help it lay sturdily on one's wrist. Casio Pathfinder watches have always enjoyed an outdoorsy though technical feel. Always a bit ahead of our times, and always very detailed. No simple lines or curves here. Casio has done a good job making sure a watch like this fits well this all things "active." Be it at the gym, on a boat, in a vehicle, on the trail, or walking in an urban area. For the rest of us, the timepiece is a "watch nerd's delight." The major downfall of course is that it is not a formal watch. So keep it with your active and casual outfits.

See my article on the Cartier Rotonde Flying Tourbillon Skeleton watch here at Haute Living.

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The Squelette XL has a steel case and bracelet. The case is 41mm wide, and a think 9.5mm thick.  Only 30 meters of water resistance though. I think the shape of the case is appropriate. Not as exciting as the dial, but perhaps that is the point. The watch is anything but conservative in style, which is precisely how the Italians prefer it. Then you have the bracelet which is the same style as that on the Rolex Day-Date (President). This is a nice (but conservative) style, and looks good in steel. The bracelet uses screw bars and a butterfly deployment clasp. Thus you have a watch with different styles of design elements that I'd like to think can represent the dynamic nature of who is wearing it.

Pierre DeRoche Split Rock Dare Watch Collection Watch Releases

Share who the company you were dealing with was, what happened, if they did anything to help resolve it, and your overall feelings about the matter.

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I have been pondering how I should think about this watch for a while. I want to like it, and a big part of me does. Another part of me questions the wisdom of the watch. Is it wearable? Does it makes sense? Would you be considered akin to an alien from outer space for wearing one? The watch is a new piece from the Confrerie Horlogere, a watch making arm of the popular watch movement maker BNB Concept (that is about the declare bankruptcy). The model is the La Clef du Temps Tourbillon, and there will only be 24 of them ever made. Apparently one for each timezone. One of these watches was auctioned off in the Only Watch 2009 watch auction in September for well over 0,000 which was close to its retail price. As a limited edition of just 24 pieces, the watch can justify itself. Still, I feel the need to evaluate it as though they were going to me 24,000 of them.

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This particular series is the Benthic Ti. In addition to having the quartz movement, they are in titanium. There are also three different face materials available. A matte black colored dial, one in carbon fiber, and my favorite, the one with a polished bronze colored finish. Each has the luminant rich large numerals and markers on the dial - as well as the easy to read hands. The hands are further in two different shapes that helps with legibility.

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Learn more or get one at the Swatch online store here.

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Usability for the watch is good. The chronograph like I said, is easy to read. The hands of the watch could use a little bit of a size increase maybe. This is always a tricky thing. Because if you make the hands on a chronograph watch stick out too much, they obscure the chronograph, and if they are too thin, they are hard to read. The lume on the hands is thin, but existent. The Marvin M103 is not the best timepiece for night viewing, but it is manageable. The watch case is water resistant to 50 meters - enough for a watch like this. The matte black leather strap is a good match for the character of the watch, and tapers from 22mm wide at the lugs down to 18mm near the bottom for comfort. Tapered watch straps tend to be more comfortable to wear - which is why Rolex has been doing it for year with most all their metal bracelets.

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