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Chances are that your watch is mostly metal. Sure there are plastic or ceramic watches. And those made of other exotic compounds (Carbon, Kevlar, etc...), but most watches are some form of metal. And metals are not all created equally. No one here needs a lesson on geology or metallurgy, nor am I prepared to offer one, but watch metals are far more varied that "steel, titanium, gold, and platinum." First comes the base metal out of the ground, then comes industrialization to refine, mix, and alter the based compounds which create the metals we wear everyday. Lastly, there's the delicate process of machining and shaping the metal.

Watch Choice For Survival: Top Pick For Deserted Island Scenario? ABTW Editors' Lists

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Here is what you do, if you aren't endowed with the negotiating tongue. Ask them what the price for the watch is today. Most places will tell you a price based on the tag, or break out the calculator. Ignore what they are saying. Take the first price they give you and take 25% off. Say "you will still get a commission on this, and you know I can get as good a deal if not better online." If that does not work. Say, I have cash, and will buy this right now at the price (for this you ought to have the cash, which is important because it means they don't have to pay credit card processing fees and can report the sale at a lower price to avoid taxes). If that does not work, simply proceed to leave.

I'd say the only real downside of this watch is the price. The retail is about ,000. Very steep and up there in Rolex Sea Dweller and Blancpain Fifty Fathoms territory. I'd expect a street price of ,000 - ,000 at first, but we shall see. Eterna made the right decision to make its way back to the US. Official presence here is sure to expand their line of offerings, which have always been of superb quality and taste. A real connoisseurs' choice of watch, even among watch connoisseurs.

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I will start by mentioning my favorite part of the Orbita Privee RX, and that is the wood. Available in several types of wood, I chose mine in Macassar, which is a very expensive exotic wood. This fact is clear from just looking at it. The wood and finish would be at home in a nice automobile, or elsewhere. I'd love to own some Macassar furniture, only I hope they do their jobs better than this watch winder. Closed, the RX is roughly a square box with a port hole. I am not sure what the port hole window is made out of, possibly glass, maybe mineral glass. I don't think it is plastic, and I highly doubt it is a sapphire crystal due to expense. As you can see in the pictures, it looks great. Tasteful and classy with smooth lines. This is a nice looking watch winder, to give praise where it is due. Also on the front of the winder is a gold-toned circle with the "RX" stamp on it. There are no other holes or switches on the outside.

One thing that irked me, is that despite having the little double bell logo, the watch was not a minute repeater, further it was not a perpetual calendar to my knowledge. Because this watch lacked several functions I had become accustomed to on the Grand Complication, I was not ready to purchase the Limited Edition Eco-Drive.

So if you want more watch reviews, you have to ask for them. Contact the manufacturer and dealers and simply say that you are on the fringe of purchasing a watch from them, but your decision really relies on reading about someone's real world experience. Makers of almost any other product have for so long figured out that handing out a few of their products to the right people results in more sales and visibility. Watch makers have been doing this for a long time with celebrities, but they need to remember that to the dedicated watch buyer, these time pieces are not just fashion accessories, but tools and important style choices.

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Omega Speedmaster Professional 145.022

When you want a do-it-all digital watch, the Casio Pathfinder series is where to go. Early models suffered from being battery drainers and not rugged enough. Then Casio decided to make them solar powered and built of titanium. The result are very useful watches that are meant to be taken out into the wilderness, or beyond. Included in this watch are full calendars for over 100 years, multiple alarms, digital compass, thermometer, barometer, and altimeter. This watch might be a top pick due to all the features, solar power generation and the titanium case. Only time will tell whether it can stand up to the elements, as parts of it are still made of plastic. Newer Pathfinders continue to push the limits of what Casio can pack in a watch case. Watch for newer Casio Pathfinder watches to have more features, be more autonomous, and of course more rugged. Still, they are a very reasonably priced watch, which implies that enough of the watch can be beat up, if put to the test.

It is important to state that for the most part, I really like Vacheron Constantin as a brand. They have been around a long time in one form or another, and release some really attractive watches for the high-market watch consumer world. I don't know what inspired them to create the Quai de l'Ile collection, but I hope it is damned to eternity.

WatchTime magazine recently referred to this watch as having super strength. Sinn is known for making the ultimate in rugged mechanical time instruments. Almost no one can match the strength and sophistication that Sinn puts in a completely mechanical watch. The case and bracelet are made out of Tegimented steel which is much stronger than normal stainless steel, by many many vickers. The Sinn 757 UTC watch features the time (without seconds though), a 12 hour chronograph, and a GMT hand for a second time zone. That with the rotating bezel makes it a nicely featured watch. Even though the watch lacks a seconds hand for the normal clock, it does have one for the chronograph if needed. Still that is something to consider when you are sitting on lone sandy beach counting the seconds away. Check for the Sinn 757 UTC on a Tegimented steel bracelet or a variety of leather straps. Sinn is also an innovator in terms of movement longevity. Utilizing special oils or oil free mechanisms, you can be sure your Sinn watch will last. In fact, one goal of the company is to create a virtually maintenance free mechanical watch. Good news for years of isolation.

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Watches From 2075

However, the price I received on eBay was fantastic compared to the fact that the watch was not being made any longer and was about 1/4 of the original retail price. Because of this, I have to recommend eBay as the place to go for watch deals, but you have to spend some time looking. So what happens when you find a watch on eBay that you want? Here is a list of something to do to make sure you are getting the right deal and item:

See Seiko Velatura watches on eBay here.

Blancpain Saint Valentin 2008 Women's Watch: Very Nicely Done Watch Releases

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Clever Breitling Innovation Improves Under Water Chronograph Watch Operation With Magnets Watch Releases
Breitling Quartz II Colt Oceane Chronometre 500 M Stainless Steel Ladies Watch
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Clever Breitling Innovation Improves Under Water Chronograph Watch Operation With Magnets Watch Releases
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Stallone Brandishes PVD Panerai Luminor Marina Watch In New Rambo Movie Feature Articles Panerai watches are considered large, but not excessively. The cases are 44mm in diameter, which is a fitting size for any action hero. The prices for Panerai watches is another matter as they are very highly sought after collectibles. Expect Panerai watches to fetch between ,000 and ,000 (if not more) depending on the model and its exclusivity.

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OMEGA Speedmaster Mark III 176.002 From Ben Oliver

The first thing you'll notice about the black faced version of the Nettuno 3 is that it resembles a Rolex Submariner. The number indicators are different, but the illusion is not coincidental. The Rolex Submariner is one of the most appreciated and recognized watch designs ever created, and has been emulated by watch makers for years. The Marcello C Nettuno 3 takes this diving watch design and makes good use of its most functional and aesthetic elements. You have to know the Rolex Submariner well, but the Nettuno 3 actually improves on many areas. For one thing, the bracelet is a pinnacle of comfort. Unlike most Rolex Submariner clasps, which are too large, the Nettuno 3 clasp on the bracelet is thin and functional while still offering the safety of a double locking mechanism. A tasteful Marcello C logo is laser etched into the metal here, and on other part of the watch such as the crown, and the case back. Another obvious area of improvement over the Rolex Submariner is where the watch is polished or left brushed. In my opinion, the Rolex sometimes looks confused in terms of selecting the different treatments of the metal, where the Nettuno 3 is graceful in its application of polished and brushed finishes on the case and bracelet.

View the Oceanus OCWM700TDA-1AV Photo Gallery (silver titanium). View the Oceanus OCWM700TBA-1AV Photo Gallery (black titanium). Announced in July 2007, the sleek and professional Oceanus OCWM700TDA-1A is the latest addition to the Oceanus line of classically styled quartz watches with...

Temption CGK203 Watch Review: German Bauhaus Powerhouse

Temption CGK203 Watch Review: German Bauhaus Powerhouse

See Mermod Freres and other musical watches on eBay here.

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Another OMEGA Speedmaster Co-Axial Caliber 9300 Review

The constant motion of component on component is a close relationship of neighboring metals (literally), and has the unpleasant side effect of friction. If you are mechanically minded, you will surely fathom that years of metal on metal contact has the side effect of wearing out the parts. This however is interestingly avoided in most part to special oils and the use of "rubies" for lubrication and to reduce wear. Rubies, are polished stones that after as strong points between various moving pieces of a watch. Gems are particularly hard (even the synthetic ones uses in watches) and don't experience the same type of wear that most metals do. Regardless, there is still the issue of smooth motion between parts. Thus, a primary concern of any watch construction is the mitigation of wear, plus the assurance of absolutely reliably movement of the escapement (amplitude).

Gazing upon what was likely the largest watch store I will ever set my feet in, I was instantly wowed with the over-the-top interior design, and amazing selection of watches, many I had never seen in person before at Tourneau Las Vegas; possibly the only place in America that certain watch models are available. I commend this Tourneau branch for having quality fashion watches such as LP Italy and Reactor, to the elite Audemars Piguet, Zenith, Blancpain, and many others. Other rare brands available there include Arnold & Sons, Krieger, and Milus. The sheer number of watch makers is exciting, enough to instantly excite any watch fan.

See Ulysse Nardin watches on Amazon here.Ulysse Nardin Astrolabium Galileo Galilei Watch Features Lots Of Info: Doesn't Know How To Share The Knowledge Watch Releases

Damasko DC66 Watch Is Venerable Sinn 757 Alternative, Competitor; One Available Now

Damasko DC66 Watch Is Venerable Sinn 757 Alternative, Competitor; One Available Now
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Houston We've Had A Problem!

The Bell & Ross Geneva 123 is a classic watch. Not by any chronological measure, but rather by the timeless way it seems to go with anything, anywhere. You could blow up the size of the watch and put it on a wall or building and it would be perfectly at home. Legibility is perfect, the sharp hands confidently expressing the time. Black hands on the pristine white face, or polished steel glistening against the serene black, the watch stands out with it sense of being perpetually "in the now."

Buying "Decoded" Watches Avoids Authorized Watch Dealer Prices; Involves Some Risk Watch Buying

Read my comparison of the similar yet different Marcello C. Nettuno 3 and Tridente watches right here.

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Citizen Campanolas On The Market! Grand Complication And Perpetual Calendar On eBay: Auctions end: Nov-25-07 19:00:00 PST Sales & Auctions The Grand Complication is my favorite of the two, and of the watches I have reviewed here as I own one! Check out my review of the Citizen Campanola Grand Complication here. It is the watch I am wearing as I write these words, and brings me continuing joy each time I gaze upon it. Forget the generous compliments I get on this large and attractive watch, it does just about everything you could ask for.

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Steampunk Art Watch Evolution On eBay

Steampunk Art Watch Evolution On eBay

Marcello C. Tridente eBay Auction: Tantamount To A Rolex Submariner Sales & Auctions

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