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What is perhaps the most surprising to me is the comparatively small price difference between the Armin Strom One Week Skeleton and the Armin Strom Skeleton Pure of just a few thousand dollars (for the 18k red gold "Fire" version that is). The Armin Strom Skeleton Pure is also available in steel with the Armin Strom Skeleton Pure Water model. Further, the Skeleton Pure Air watch will have a titanium case while the Skeleton Pure Earth has a PVD black-coated steel case. Those deciding between the models will have a lot to consider when thinking about what they are getting with an Armin Strom that has an in-house movement that is finely skeletonzied or finely skeletonized and hand-engraved. It might be a matter of taste, or it might simply be a matter of availability.

Chronopassion: Hop in a cab to see the famous Place de la Concorde with the obelisque and the Hotel de Crillon, get a box of macarons at Laduree, or drink a hot chocolate at Angelina's, then walk just a few minutes away to enter the world of Chronopassion.

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Collectively, I don't think the watch industry knows what exactly types of complications women want. Perpetual calendars? Chronographs? Minute repeaters? It is hard to say what will have the most impact in an already ultra-niche demographic. The philosophy behind the Christophe Claret Margot was clever, but not something the larger brands could ever really copy - and that is to produce a more whimsically playful complication with an emotional - versus functional - use. Hence, a timepiece that allows you to play the "game" of "he loves me, he loves me not" (Effeuiller la marguerite).

Another important implication of something such as this, goes back to the notion that Apple and other smartwatch companies are keen to enter the luxury and fashion worlds as much as possible. A huge concern of Apple, is to offer enough Apple Watch variety, so that people don't feel as though they are all wearing similar items. At the top of the consumer ladder, customers are really focused on exclusivity. So, the idea of having an item "no one else has" is really important. An emerging smartwatch customization industry could deliver that, allowing people to enjoy the best of modern technology, with the status of luxury items they are used to enjoying. Companies such as Bamford and Project X already cater to people who want Rolex watches, but who want ones that have unique appearances.

Compared to the steel SBGE001 watch, the Grand Seiko Spring Drive GMT SBGE015 feels like a feather on your wrist given the more light weight metal. Titanium Grand Seiko watches aren't terribly rare, but they are often limited edition or more exclusive models compared to their steel cousins. It is comfortable enough to wear all the time and as a daily wear, if you wanted to have just one watch.

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The 43.50 millimeter wide and 15.60 millimeter thick case sits a bit high on the wrist, especially if we consider that it does not have a complicated chronograph or date movement inside – the movement provides the time only. The bezel, secured by its six small – and yes, misaligned – screws features six recessed tiers between the screws. While it lends the round face a more elegant and masculine appearance, lint and dirt quickly gather at the angular parts of these recessed segments and is difficult to remove or keep them clean. A minor complaint, but with a case as nicely finished as this, it is but a bit bothering to see even a small amount of dirt anywhere.

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Maximilian Büsser: When I was 18. In 1985, my parents wanted to give me a watch as a gift. Their budget was 700 Swiss Francs (approximately 0 USD), and an enormous amount of money for them and for me, so I started researching what was available at that price. At some point, I was sitting in university next to a guy who is wearing a watch I did not recognize. I ask him what it is, and he replies, “a Rolex.” I have no idea what it is.

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One of the most beautiful racing-themed watches for 2014 is a limited edition chronograph from Oris, created to celebrate their partnership with Audi Sport racing (the race team arm of Audi). Known as the Oris Audi Sport Limited Edition ref. 01 774 7661 7481, the watch is very much part of the larger Oris Artix racing chronograph collection, but with a very appealing mixture of finishes and materials. It is also one of the very few watches I know of that has a very legible silver-toned dial – which immediately makes it unique and appealing, in my opinion.

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The movement in the Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra Thin 1948 is the hand wound Calibre 822/2, as used in the 1931Chocolate edition, based on the standard Calibre 822 (used in the original steel Tribute To 1931 models), but with the addition of a subsidiary seconds feature. The movement has 19 jewels and a power reserve of roughly 45 hours. In my opinion, the use of a robust manual unit adds to the allure of the heritage-inspired Reverso line, and of course, keeps the case thickness to a minimum.

I've always been a fan of the Seiko Sportura collection of higher-end albeit entry-level watches. These are sort of the top of what many department stores will carry, and feature various types of Seiko quartz movements. In addition to their comparatively restrained yet modern and sport designs, I've always liked the great attention to detail Seiko has given them. There was actually an earlier Seiko Sportura with a Kinetic Direct Drive movement, but it wasn't as nice as this model... and I just realized that a lot of people reading this might have no idea what Seiko Kinetic Direct Drive is.

Now, the Nomos Worldtimer is being released later this fall in a new edition called the Nomos Zurich Worldtimer True Blue (or Zürich Weltzeit nachtblau). This proves an exciting development for two major reasons. For one, it gives this model a blue dial option – but even more significantly, updates the movement with new technology to make it even more in-house and original. Thus, in addition to the new dial color the movement in this new model is different than the original Nomos Zurich Worldtimer watch.

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Introducing The MeisterSinger Paleograph Chrongraph

Introducing The MeisterSinger Paleograph Chrongraph

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This isn't the first time Omega watches have done well in James Bond-themed auctions. Omega has been the official watch of James Bond since Omega's partnership with the franchise that began in 1995, with the release of 007 Goldeneye. Since then, various James Bond actors have worn a series of Omega timepieces in the films. The relationship has been extremely successful for Omega. Fans know that, traditionally, James Bond wore a Rolex, which I believe was actually creator Ian Fleming's intent, as he wrote about 007 wearing a Rolex in at least one of his books.

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Apparently, the RALF TECH WRX Manufacture Torpedo watch was a pet project by Ralf Tech founder Frank Huyghe, who visited a sunken Spanish submarine while diving back in 2003. It is said to have been a "Spanish C3 Submarine" that sank in 1936 and was only recently rediscovered in the last decade or so. As I mentioned earlier, the dial of the RALF TECH WRX Manufacture Torpedo watch is inspired by the rear door of a torpedo tube - which is used to load torpedos. A picture of such a door is included in this article.

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