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HYT Skull Watch Is Cool, Does Not Indicate Minutes Watch Releases
HYT Skull Watch Is Cool, Does Not Indicate Minutes Watch Releases

Yes, the MB&F Starfleet Machine clock is totally inspired by Star Trek. Specifically, it is inspired by the Deep Space Nine station from the Star Trek television show of the same name. Produced in collaboration with the Swiss clock maker L'Epee, this is the second such non-wrist watch "Machine" from MB&F that started with the MB&F MusicMachine they produced with Reuge in 2013.

Reviewing The RubberB Strap For Rolex Submariner And GMT Master II Luxury Items

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Dominique Renaud Joins HYT Watches Watch Industry News

The left dial includes information such as the date, phase of the moon, power reserve of the battery, and the sun rise and sun set times. Again, this information is mostly actually useful, and relatively elegant in its display. It is odd to have such a technologically focused watch dressed with a traditional design. I also don't think watchmaker F.P. Journe will be particularly happy with Hoptoff borrowing his brand slogan, "Invenit Et Fecit" (invented and made), which is on the dial.

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Leeds & Son: Leeds & Son is known for our selection of Rolex and Patek Philippe watches. We have been an authorized agent for these brands for over 30 years and are proud of our relationship with these companies. Palm Desert is unique because most of our clients come from all over the world. We are not just a local market. Our clients tend to be very knowledgeable about fine watches, and we are able to source the products they are looking for.

Above all, trade-seekers should demand full names of references who agree to be contacted. For watch owners pursuing a trade, the references are the most important part of the research process. Recent, numerous, accessible, and satisfied trading partners are the best safeguard for an informed trade-seeker. Don’t just request a dealer’s references – contact them.

ABTW: What drew you to this particular watch?

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Omega Speedmaster FOiS in Sedna Gold

Like most Kari Voutilainen watches, the Voutilainen Tourbillon-6 is modestly sized. In a 39mm wide case size the Voutilainen Tourbillon-6 is offered in solid platinum or 18k gold. The case finishing is of course beautiful given Kari's efforts on the difficult to polish metal. It makes it very easy to appreciate the milky look of polished platinum versus steel. Though I will admit when platinum is polished like this I find it difficult to tell whether it is platinum or 18k white gold unless I am holding it and can feel the weight. On  the wrist, the Voutilainen Tourbillon-6 looks and feels amazing, not appearing too small, given the relative thickness of the case.

BEST FROM: aBlogtoWatch & Friends January 2, 2015 ABTW Round-Ups

If you are the type of person who likes small models and miniatures, then you'll appreciate the concept here. Tool watch guys looking for strictly functional items to tell them the time will not understand this type of piece at all. In its own way, this is the ultimate watch for certain types of nerds - and isn't that what boutique luxury watches are all about? Given the extremely limited set of watches Ralf Tech is going to make, I am sure they will find the fewer than a dozen required buyers.

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Omega Speedmaster Chronometer White Gold

Rolex Deepsea Sea-Dweller D-Blue Watch For James Cameron Hands-On Hands-On

Perhaps the most important element which indicates that the Apple Watch is truly a "watch" is how it fits and is used on the wrist. The experience of wearing the Apple Watch is as good or better than most high-end timepieces, and operating the Apple Watch is very similar to how people might use their traditional timepieces. This is especially true when you compare it to early smarwatches that focused on button-based menus.

A fusée is a cone-shaped pulley around which a chain attached to the barrel (containing the mainspring) is coiled. It is a device that we have seen used in some other previously debuted offerings, such as the Romain Gauthier Logical One, the Breguet Tradition Ref. 7047, or, sticking with Zenith, the Zenith Academy Christophe Colomb Tourbillon.  We have discussed this device in all those previous articles in great detail, but to keep it short, we will say the primary function of this centuries old invention is to counter the effects of the ailing torque of the mainspring as it winds down, hence improving isochronism over the course of the watch's power reserve – which, in the case of the Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot, is 50 hours.

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IWC-Swiss Replica Watches World Records at New York Sale

HYT has made it clear that while these two debut versions of the HYT Skull are limited editions, future versions of the HYT Skull in other colors and material combinations will come. For now, we have the HYT Skull Green Eye ref. 151-TD-41-GF-AB in titanium which is limited to 50 pieces, as well as the HYT Skull Red Eye ref. 151-DG-42-RF-AB in 18k rose gold and titanium which is limited to just 25 pieces. Price is 90,000 Swiss Francs for the HYT Skull Green Eye and 100,000 Swiss Francs for the Skull Red Eye.

Is A Garmin Going To Be Your Next Smartwatch? CES 2015 Watch Lineup Looks Strong

Is A Garmin Going To Be Your Next Smartwatch? CES 2015 Watch Lineup Looks Strong

Many believe that no watch collection is complete without a Rolex. Admittedly, there are brands which update their collections and models more frequently – which is perhaps not saying much – but the brand is steeped in history and their watches are built to very high and exacting standards. The problem, however, is: should you get a vintage one or a modern one? On one hand, vintage Rolex watches are arguably sexier; but on the other hand, modern Rolex watches are built with the latest in watchmaking technology and are extremely reliable. While perhaps there is no one answer to this question, below we present you with some opinions with regard to this conundrum.

But let's not rush so far ahead in time: the first of the book's five chapters is titled "The Watchmaker" and, after a short introduction to the history of Swiss watchmaking, it details the more important dates in Kari's life and career, starting from his birth in 1962 through his application to the highly regarded WOSTEP school of watchmaking in 1989, until 2002, when he finally set up shop in Môtiers, following a few years of working with Parmigiani Fleurier and teaching at WOSTEP.

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Speedmaster Price Guide

A close up view of the Nomos Alpha Calibre.

Aloe Blacc: I don't have a sport watch yet. The Ingenieur is as sporty as I get; everything else is a dress watch. I thought about the racing watch, but I wasn't sure. I don't know if I have the right outfit for it! [laughs] And when I start yachting, I'll think about getting a Yacht Club. Actually, I think the sportiest I'll go is a pilot watch. In honor of my dad’s birthday, which is November 30th, I want to find a great way to surprise him. Therefore, I'll probably gift him the Pilot Watches for Father and Son double edition – they’re really nice. Hopefully, one day I'll have a son that I can leave my watches to. My Perpetual Calendar will be his one day; my wife has a few IWCs – a men’s Da Vinci and a Portuguese – that are definitely going to be heirlooms for my daughter! We're quite nascent in our celebrity status, so my wife was completely awestruck by the price of these watches. But once we started to learn more about IWC’s production, development, and history, she completely understood it.

Aloe Blacc Interview: Pop Star, Process Nerd, Watch Guy, Friend Of IWC ABTW Interviews
On the wrist is the IWC Portuguese Tourbillon Hand-Wound (ref. IW546301)

Nevo Analog Smartwatch Marries Minimalist Looks With Activity Tracking And Notifications

Nevo Analog Smartwatch Marries Minimalist Looks With Activity Tracking And Notifications

The Louis Moinet Mecanograph does away with most restrictions that seem to have applied to dress watches: its case is wide and thick, the half-faced dial is bold and unique, and the first impression it makes is a powerful one that lacks subtlety. Nevertheless, thanks to its elaborate details, mono-chromatic looks, and beautiful finishing, not only does it not look awkward, but rather it works wonderfully with more formal attire. Coming up now is a review of this half-faced dress watch and its more interesting details.

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Hands-On With The Omega Speedmaster CK2998 Reference 311.

MR-G and MT-G has been available in Japan for a while, but the newest G-Shock MT-G and MR-G models are totally new. The decision for Casio to release these models in other regions of the world is part of a larger trend of Japanese companies such as Seiko and Citizen deciding to make their high-end timepiece offerings available to select customers outside of Japan. Casio might be a little late to the game, but they certainly aren't too late. Besides, high-end Casio is nothing like high-end Seiko in regard to price or product direction.

Casio G-Shock MR-G Comes To America With Titanium Case & GPS, Is ,000 Hands-On
Evolution of Casio G-Shock MR-G & MT-G metal watches

Stuff like this is rather easy to make fun of, but you know it is going to happen. Yvan Arpa is just being entrepreneurial about an expectant surge in smartwatch popularity, and what could possibly be Apple Watch dominance of the segment for at least a good while. Further, he is sending a message to his high-end clients that, "don't worry, we can still do business together, even if you'll want to wear an Apple Watch." If customers used to wearing lavish mechanical watches worry about losing their "exclusive edge" by choosing a mass produced Apple Watch, then perhaps there is a market for after-market Apple Watch customization. It seems entirely plausible, if not inevitable.

aBlogtoWatch: I find a lot of people with a technical background like you gravitate towards Omega's technological innovations, which are manifold and continue to break ground.

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Omega Speedmaster Perpetual Calendar

Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle Calibre 2253 L'Empreinte Du Dragon Watch With Engraved Scales Watch Releases

Derek Dier: Multiples of them. So many watches. There have been so many Rolex Chronographs, back when a Daytona was 00, or with a Paul Newman dial ,000 – so many of those. But the ones that stand out in memory tend to have vibrant colored dials, 1970’s Omegas with checkerboard exotic dials and markings that don’t seem to be appearing anymore. But you can’t run a business as a collector!

Often misunderstood or dismissed by seasoned watch aficionados, Roger Dubuis is a serious “manufacture” brand that is working hard to rediscover itself after one of the most interesting and tumultuous modern histories of all major luxury watch brands. Each year, we know that Roger Dubuis will attempt to amaze and shock us with an avant garde booth and messaging campaign at SIHH, and their models focus very much on overt displays of wealth and wild design. It certainly isn’t for everyone’s taste. Where Roger Dubuis excels, however, is in the production of interesting skeletonized movements that until now have, for the most part, featured tourbillons. For 2015, Roger Dubuis has finally decided to produce a tourbillon-less version of their cool skeletonized movement in the Excalibur 42 Automatic Skeleton watch.

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How One Guy Made A Shockingly Good Urwerk UR-202 Watch Homage Feature Articles

In my experience, the rear bezel was extremely stiff, but moved a bit once you got it going. This is an issue because you not only need to move the slippery surface with your fingers, but you need to do it for a really long time to fully wind the watch. Doing it with your hand sort of sucks, but it is necessary as the movement is manually wound. I did find a workaround that worked well for me. I believe that in the video part of the review I mention this. Basically, you need to find a small rubber ball (like the ones they sell to open screw-down casebacks). This grips the rear of the case perfectly, and makes winding the movement simple, because turning the caseback becomes worlds easier. So on the plus side, this only needs to be done weekly, but on the downside, it isn't very fun unless you have such a tool. Ulysse Nardin should really provide a ball or similar tool when selling the Freak watches.

MB&F HM6 Space Pirate Watch Hands-On Debut Hands-On

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