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Biver & Me: Exclusive Inside Look At The Hublot Watch Manufacture Inside the Manufacture

Ulli Kampelmann's Hilariously Ugly Watches Watch Style

I sat down with Yvan to have him show me the new collection of Volnatomic watches. Please note that these are prototypes, and it isn't clear which will reach production and what changes will be made. The collection is all in Volna's watch case style that is in PVD black steel and 46.5mm wide (and 50 meters water resistant). The bezels are interesting because the black and yellow colors (if applicable to the style) are really bold. They are designed to last as well - not merely being paint. They are actually a complex mixture between ceramic and I think either lacquer or enamel. Apparently they are a pain in the ass to make, but come out looking pretty good.

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Tiffany & Co. Watches Do Not Shine In 2010

Tiffany & Co. Watches Do Not Shine In 2010

Thanks to SwissKubiK for the review unit. Opinions are 100% independent.

Nubeo Women’s Jellyfish Watch

Nubeo Women’s Jellyfish Watch

Seiko Ananta Automatic Chronograph Titanium Watch Watch Releases

Piaget traditionnelle

Here it is, hands-on coverage with a close to final production ready prototype of the highly anticipated Devon Tread 1 watch. While it tells the time and is a luxury item, the Devon Tread 1 shares very little with the rest of the high-end watch world. Despite the fact that it has plenty of moving parts, this isn't a mechanical watch in the traditional sense. It uses a micro-controller board, rechargeable battery, and small motors to power the movement, as opposed to being a purely mechanical machine that is spring powered. There are a series of small, micro one-step motors in the movement that pull the treads that indicate the time. The treads are sophisticated reinforced nylon belts that move around the dial in a ballet of synchronized moves. The video should illustrate that well. The Tread 1 is really among the most gadgety watches I have ever had the pleasure of wearing.

Aside from the R8 Mk.I, there are other Roland Iten belt buckles out there - and each comes in a limited edition. You'll need to go his site and learn about the other lines. There are a lot of important people who wear Roland Iten's items. One guy who likes most all of Roland's stuff is Sylvester Stallone. He pretty much always wears the belts. He is actually the first person to be wearing the R8 MkII if I am correct. The main innovation behind the R8 MkII over the MkI is how it treats belts. The MkII has a special pin system that dramatically reduces wear on the belt holes. This allows the precious leather belts to remain in good condition for much longer. This is based on a system with a pin that moves around in the hole much less, and is attached to an arm that moves with the belt.

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Cadence Oarsman Hammer Watch Review

Cadence Oarsman Hammer Watch Review

Panerai Radiomir 1940

Roger Dubuis 43mm Golden Square Watch – Available On James List

Roger Dubuis 43mm Golden Square Watch – Available On James List

Dual-Ring-Case: Sandwich structured case with carrier-chassis and movement container,
Components: 143,
Black zirconium ceramic bezel,
Sapphire glass on front and back,
Zirconium-ceramic crown,
Movement-container made of TiVan15 (exclusively used by Jaeger-LeCoultre),
Chassis materials: TiVan15 (Calibre 781) or 18 carat red gold (Calibre 780),
Diameter: 46.8 millimeters,
Height: 16.5 millimeters,
Pushbuttons with L-shaped security arms and rubber cover

Inside the watch is an ETA 2836 that has been modified a bit and is called the BE-36A movement inside the watch. The automatic Swiss movement has been COSC Chronometer certified in this watch. An important value added point that Bremont almost hides on the back of the watch. The native day/date display is on the dial with a polished metal frame around the information windows. One small suggestion I had for Bremont is to just slightly increase the height of the applied hour markers - just a little tiny bit.

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse watches

Function selector:
Ceramic crown with integrated pushbutton to select three functions via column wheel:
1) winding; 2) setting of date and second time zone; 3) setting the time

Tissot Watches At MotoGP Motorcycle Race Shows & Events

A particularly attractive line from Maurice de Mauriac of Zurich is this Moon Chronograph watch collection. It comes in many different versions (see here), but is a pretty clever take on use of a Valjoux 7751 automatic movement. Seen here is the top of the line piece in solid pink gold, but the diversely customizable collection is offered in various case sizes, in various materials, with various dials.

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This pretty awesome collection is going to make a lot of Depeche Mode fans angry. Not because they are bad homages to the band, but because there will only be one set of them made, which will be auctioned off for charity. Each of the 12 piece unique watches will be auctioned off separately (February 8 - 24, 2010) , but that isn't to say that one super rich, super fan is going to buy them all up. There is one watch for each of the 12 Depeche Mode albums. You can see that in the center of the otherwise black toned Big Bang model watches is the album cover art, with a unique image on the sapphire crystal caseback as well for each album. In order to give room to the Depeche Mode album cover art on the dial, Hublot removed the subsidiary seconds dial. A good way to add space without removing too much functionality. If someone really want to measure seconds they can use the chronograph. Hublot designers have even matches the stitching of the watch strap to match one of the prominent colors on the album cover art. Overall the collection is pretty cool, and an interesting addition to the Depeche Mode universe of collectibles.

It isn't that much different back at Hublot Headquarters - most people you see are representing the brand proudly. Jean-Claude is modern in style when it comes to days at the office. iPhone in hand, he strolls around texting and answering e-mails with regularity. Back at his desk, JCB spend much of the day intently looking at his large computer screen managing his life on Facebook, and responding to e-mails. He is noted in the watch industry as being a man who is uniquely reachable. If you send Jean-Claude an e-mail, chances are he will read it and get back to you if it isn't too much trouble. The lack of artificial barrier between the leadership of the brand and the world is an important part I believe in Hublot's organizational flexibility, and JCB's awareness of the brand's salient issues and opportunities. It flies in the face of the stereotypical ignorant, outdated executive that most people picture sitting in ivory towers atop the corporate world.

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Rolex Datejust

Movements are all finished by Svend Andersen. They are NOS (new old stock) automatics (not sure exactly who made them). Svend's workshop did a good job on these guys. Finishing really helped preserve a certain industrialism, but removed any of the roughness and lack of refinement that unfinished watches have. You then have the very special blued gold automatic rotor and engraving done by Svend for the Linde Werdelin.

Description BVL 312, mechanical self-winding chronograph caliber

* Ar-Dehumidifying Technology for enhanced freedom from fogging
* Magnetic Field Protection up to 80,000 A / m
* Integrated pilot’s bezel
* Second time zone on a 24-hour basis
* Five conversion scales for European and American units
* Low pressure resistant

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Scuderia Ferrari One Watch By Cabestan Watch Releases

Panerai PAM339 Radiomir Composite Marina Militare 8 Giorni Watch Watch Releases

The case itself is 44mm wide in DLC black. Notice the thin blue line that extends around the periphery of the side of the case. It is a neat little detail helping the case of the watch to stand out. The colors are also of course those of the Williams team. The little blue line is actually rubber, and Oris says it acts like a bumper to protect the case (a bit). Though with the DLC coating, it shouldn't need as much protection. The case of course has the special hinged lugs that help the watch be really comfortable, and comfortable it most certainly is. The numerals on the bezel flow naturally into the several rows of numerals and indexes on the dial. The black metallic dial has some hour indicators that are actually cut slits showing the day and date discs below. An interesting rendition on the skeletonization theme.